The 'Master of One' Program

The 'Master of One' Program is our most-popular package and is what we recommend for the business owner who wants to take a 'Deep Dive' into Facebook and Social Media.  This plan is perfect for the owner who can make the time to implement the strategies and recommendations that we have inside the training lessons.  Here's what you will receive in the 'Master of One' Package:

  • We will provide you Lifetime Access to ONE of our COMPLETE training modules.  You can choose between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.
  • ALL of the training modules and content from the Starter Package with added bonuses of a 6-month subscription to 'The Profit Press' newsletter and a 3-month membership in the 'Profit Pro' Group Coaching Program.
  • Deluxe Content and 'Use It Now' videos that will tell you how other businesses are using the lesson and how you can deploy the techniques in your business, right away.  You will have Lifetime Access to the Standard Content and 12-month, Unlimited access to the Deluxe Content and 'Use It Now' videos. 
  • Exclusive, Bonus Training Courses-  You will also receive training lessons for Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and we will even show you how to use your Blog to generate huge profits.
  • FREE Evaluation of your current Facebook business page and recommendations on how you can structure your page for maximum profit.

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